Jon Ford

Jon in partnership with Michele is the director of Main Ridge Olives.  He applies a level of rigour and analysis to the business borne from his academic background.  Combined with his passion for the land and fine food, Jon is a critical component of the success Main Ridge Olives enjoys on the Mornington Peninsula. 


PhD (University of Melbourne) - 2005

MPhysio (University of Melbourne) - 2000

BAppSc(Physio) - 1988


Family, fine food, surfing and surf lifesaving

Frontrow Management

Michele Ford

Michele is the heart and soul of Main Ridge Olives providing intuitive guidance on growing, harvesting and pickling our olives as well as the "polish" on the end product.  Her marinade using home grown produce set our olives apart.


BAppSc(Speech Pathology)


Family, fine food, running and bird watching